Hen Weekends and Planning Hen Parties

A hen weekend refers to a social gathering (at night), especially for women to celebrate the final free moments before the bride and the bridegroom ties the knot. It’s vital to note that the hen party is not a creation of the modern generation. Numerous sources suggest that both the terms “stag” and “Hen” originates from a simple stereotype lifestyle. Their origins can be retraced back to the north of Africa, Asia and The Middle East. It’s quite likely that over the years, the word hen didn’t refer to a female chicken but instead refer to the female of any bird, hence creating the norm that Hen weekend or party was exclusively for females.

What happens at a Hen Weekend?

A hen weekend may look like an ordinary party with horrendous pictures, tears and tantrums, but its key to note that there is more to this party than meets the eye, especially when the Hen party is big brashy. Below is a list of events in a Hen party.

1. The Hen party begins with pre-drinks with someone making a boomerang video.

2. The drinks are followed by a session of taking pictures of the whole congregation.

3. A stripper is brought in to dance in front of everyone. Since the bridegroom’s mother is around the bride out of good manners, she has to pretend that she’s not enjoying the show.

4. After the show, the bride is then kitted with the best hen party accessories from every person who attended the party.

5. A taxi arrives, and you all can’t find the bride since she is crying in the loo.

6. You all head to the best club around and make a grand entrance.

7. Everyone heads to the dance floor, and as the bride starts to dance, some people in the room begin to cry. It is due to the thought of never getting married.

8. On the dance floor, you all lose the bride, and everyone starts to think that maybe she has gone off with a randomer. After a brief search, you find her cuddling the loo.

9. After that, you all gather around and head for the best kebab shop nearby.